Fishbone for laminate flooring of innovation
Inspired by nature and ocean, DECNO R&D team comes to investigate the pattern of Fishbone. Opening up new series, delicate steel plate becomes essential, which carves the exactly beautiful pattern as nature inspired us... MORE
SPC PLUS- XPE&CORK options for durability&fashion
SPC PLUS is an elite product developed by DECNO. Itsconstruction is engineered for durability and designed for fashion.... MORE
Ultra-Core— Exclusive Laminate Floor
DECNO R&D team has dedicated into Ultra- Core for years. Piled up with thousands experiments, DECNO released exclusively Ultra-Core flooring, which is a water-resistant... MORE
SPC Rigid Vinyl floor— Revolutionary vinyl floor
With a keen business sense, DECNO devoted considerable human and material resources into composite nanofiber flooring three years ago, which is now known as SPC flooring, Rigid Vinyl flooring... MORE
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